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What is it?

Hold your britches! This course is coming to a computer near you soon!

Wellllll, it’s going to be the catalyst to your amazing “after” story! (You know, like those “before and after” weight loss stories- only here you won’t have to eat kale or workout! SIGN.ME.UP!) You will, however, have to take a gander outside of your comfort zone. Outside that box you’ve been living in. This course will challenge you to start living the ‘extra’ordinary, fabulous version of yourself that you were BORN to be!


Drop your info below to be the first to know when it launches! There will be a limited number of seats, and I want YOU to be in one of them!! (I know that sounds cheesy, but I’m totes serious. If you’ve read this far down- this course is for you. And I want you in it!)