Fun & fabulous, light weight earrings! These beauties have multiple layers of feather fabulous-ness. Take a picture of them when you get them (so you know what they originally looked like!), and then rearrange them however you please! Take some off! Move some around! Create a custom pair every day!

More Fabulous Feathers

  • All earrings pictured are fun and fabulous! Our earrings are made with leather and faux leather. All hooks are hypoallergenic, but because we’ve learned all ear sensitivities are different, we cannot make any guarantees to your ears specifically.


    If you need specific gold or silver hooks, please leave us a note in the “notes” section at checkout, and for an additional cost, we can switch out the hooks.

    Sizes vary per pair, but as a guide, the length between holes under the logo and the bottom of the card is 2.25”.

    Each pair is handmade with love right here in the US!